Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pinteresting Projects-Dip and pumkins

Lately I've been a little bit addicted to Pintrist. My sister got me started a few weeks ago and now checking out all the latest pins has become part of my morning routine.  So the other day as I was pinning to my "I can make this" board I thought to myself, "I am never really going take the time to make any of this stuff." Depressing huh? So I emailed my sis we decided to make a plan. We are going to get together every couple of weeks or so and take turns picking a project and gathering supplies and try out some of these fun crafts and recipes. I'll keep you updated on our project adventures.
This week we made Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip. Wow! This was goo-oo-ood! And so easy too make, took less than 10 minutes. We ate it with chocolate grahm crackers and apples. Great on both, but the grahms were the most popular by far. They're chocolate! It did make a lot though. We went through a whole box of crackers and a couple of apples and still have at least half left. I'd probably half the recipe next time.

We also tried the Painted Pumpkins. This was a fun and simple project. And no ooey-gooey pumpkin insides to scoop out! We even let the kids join in. We gathered some craft paint in funky halloween colors, cheap foam brushes, and lots of newspaper!

We made a bit of a mess, but had a lot of fun!

Emily, the artist, at work. Shhhh.....

I kind of have a thing for polkadots.

Here's the kiddos'. Syd's (top left) took about 6 hours and 30 coats of paint. She kept painting and painting. Britton did his inevitable basketball, it's always a basketball. Bailey's is covered with her usual cuteness. And Anni, who is 2, ended up with more paint on herself than the pumpkin. But she had a ball!
I love Emily's. She always comes up with something I would never think of.

And here are mine. Not bad for an hour of fun!
So I'd say the first of our of our Pinteresting Projects was a success. I'd give both projects 5 stars. The dip especially will become a regular at our house. (Until it's time to loose the baby weight!)  It's Emily's turn next time and I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

What's on your Pinteresting Project list?


Bonnie said...

I am very impressed with all the artistic ability in our family.
I will have to try that dip too, looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun! I've got to come up with something for next time... hmmm

cecily said...

Fun pumpkins! We miss you guys!