Monday, October 3, 2011


So one of the things I love about quilting is creating something that is not easily undone. I am a mom of 4 and one on the way. So most days I feel like Cinderella. Make the beds, do the dishes, cook the food, clean the floors... Most of the things I do every day, I get to do again the next day because they don't stay done. Clean laundy is unlaundered, dishes dirtied, beds unmade... It's amazing, and depressing how my kids can undo in minutes what it has taken me a whole day to accomplish. It's like some law of nature in our house that they day I mop will be the day that a cup of kool-aid gets knocked off the counter, or a plate of syrup dripped across the floor.
Quilting is different. You know that feeling when you get that last few inches of binding stitched and you can hold it up and see what you just created. I love to lay it out in the floor and just look at it. And the best part is the more you use it and wash it the softer, and more lovely it becomes. And it stays done!! If you take care of it, it might even outlast you.

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