Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm a blogger!

Okay, here it is, my first official blog post EVER! Not that I'm not a fan of blogging. I really enjoy sitting up late at night jumping from one blog to the next catching up on friends and even a few not really friends. Then all the next day I speak blog in my head, narrating every little occurrence (i.e. changing the sheets, filling the dishwasher, sucking popcorn kernels out of a 2 year old's nose with a straw taped to a vacuum- really happened, she put them there, I didn't) as if it were a super exciting blog post. So I've really been more of a blog stalker than a blogger. But I have some pretty good reasons for not upping my status to an official "blogger"
#1-I don't consider myself funny or interesting. Probably not the best thing to share right off the bat. To my family and close friends who get me I think I am funny and interesting, but I am of the "better to remain silent and let people think I'm boring, than to open my mouth and then they'll know "philosophy. So I guess now you know.
#2-I am a lot technologically challenged - and I'm not even old. (30 is the new 20 right?) I've had this blog set up for months and was too overwhelmed to try to post something. My little sister had to come decorate(?) it and give me a quick Blog 101.  Even my own mother made it into the blogging world before I did.
#3-My sister is like the Blog Queen of the quilting world. I'm honestly a bit intimidated by her. But she's also my inspiration. Back in Nov. she did a little post called "Create" and used Elder Uchtdorf's video clip. Sound familiar? That got me thinking, I had just started an Etsy shop and I thought it would be a good excuse to start a blog. And thanks to Camille's post my blog vision was born. (I'll fill you in on that later.)
But for now I just wanted to say "Hello blog world! It's taken me awhile, and I have every reason not to be, but here I am."


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Welcome, welcome! I'm so excited for you Tracy, your going to be a fantastic blogger!

Bonnie said...

I second that! Welcome to the blog world! I can't wait to see what you write about.

Camille said...

Umm... how did I not now you have a blog? Emily told me a few days ago, and so I tracked you down. Looking good!!

PS- I showered today. Success! ;-)